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References Details

Markus Lüpertz the great painter and sculptor from Berlin already encourages the young artist to move on with his art and offered him, due to his work, to become one of his students at the „Art-Academy Düsseldorf“. Benjamin Rayher was several times invited to his studio in Berlin and got personally coached by Markus Lüpertz.

Dieter Blum the world famous photographer, renown for his Marlboro Cowboy photography series supports the young artist and says following about Benjamin Rayher: „An absolutely outstanding talent. I am deeply impressed and convinced of his work and have no doubt about his success.“

Ira Richer: Alumnus of the „Yale University“ (Conneticut), as well as the „Cooper Union“(New York), owner of a professorship at the „School of Visual Arts“, gives the following statement about this young artist that he was able to observe during the working period of Benjamin Rayher at the „School of Visual Arts“:

“I was impressed by this young artist´s ability to make dramatic leaps in his paintings and skillfully navigate new material.“

His long-time patron and supporter Martin Goppelsröder, art professor at the University of Duisburg passes the following comment:

“For the overly rapid spectator this work might appear too colorful, too moved, too unstable.

But those spectators, who delicate themselves to the flow of the painting without any prejudices, will feel the streaming of the colors with their marvellous mysterious rhythm.

And those will perceive a poetic severity of dialogues between color and color, callygraphy and finely woven grounds, from plane to plane, from lines inside space.

Exciting and colorful „baroque“-paintings arise within two breathless nights.
I was allowed to observe. I was stunned and impressed by the adamant accuracy, with which the young artist was evaluating his work again and again.
To this unquestionable and exceptional talent equally belongs an exceptional and self-critical ability to observe.

A decisive prerequesite to great work!“